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Labcyte – Revolutionizing Liquid Handling

Our innovations have enabled our customers to enhance personalized medicine programs, streamline DNA/RNA diagnostic testing, optimize drug discovery pipelines and accelerate life science research. Labcyte customers have published papers in peer-reviewed journals and received patents that clearly demonstrate discoveries and results that would have been impossible with traditional liquid-handling approaches—at a fraction of the cost.

Groundbreaking Products

Every experiment performed in life sciences, molecular medicine, drug discovery and diagnostic testing involves liquid handling. Our award-winning products use acoustic energy to transfer precise amounts of fluids without touching them. This capability significantly improves data quality and reliability, while eliminating or substantially reducing costs associated with pipette tips, reagents and waste disposal. Equally important, it conserves precious samples and enables highly accurate assay miniaturization, dramatically improving productivity.

Effective Solutions

Labcyte products offer cutting-edge solutions for:

  • High throughput and secondary screening
  • Cell-based and biochemical assays and ADME-Tox
  • Genomics ‒ Next-Gen sequencing, RT-qPCR and genotyping
  • Proteomics ‒ Protein/peptide arrays, biomarkers and protein crystallography

Best-in-Class Support

Labcyte offers superior support and service. We are a global organization, serving customers in the United States, Europe and Asia. When you do business with Labcyte, you can expect a collaborative relationship, where your feedback is welcomed.


Labcyte has revolutionized liquid handling to produce faster, more accurate results than traditional methods. Our award-winning solutions enable better science at dramatically reduced costs.  

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Join the Labcyte team. Our success depends on the skill and dedication of talented scientists and technologists.

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From the beginning we have been guided by seasoned leaders in biotechnology, product development, manufacturing, marketing and finance.

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News & Events

Labcyte maintains a busy schedule of industry meetings and events. We are pleased to announce our innovations in liquid handling and other laboratory technologies regularly.

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